Entertainment Options in Limo!

Limo is an epitome of luxury travel. The service of a stretch limo rental in Toronto is not limited to airport transfer but there is much more to this beauty. It is a medium to ensure your client reach your office in style. You can use it to transport party-people or accommodate a group of people going to attend events. In other words, if you are a person of class and elegance, a stretch limo is your best weapon. 

But, alongside these perks, the stretch limos offer a wide range of entertainment options, to make your journey less monotonous. This is to ensure that when you rent a stretch limo in Toronto you are both mentally and physically pampered. The amenities included are plentiful and really, really exciting:  

Media Systems: In today’s world, there are plenty of entertainment options. Whether you want to watch random, funny YouTube videos or you are a Netflix binge-watcher, the fully equipped media Systems inside the car can play CDs, DVDs, pen drives and more. Movies, music videos, news – anything that your brain can feast on, the entertainment system can provide. With a vibrant, large screen, there will be no concern of the display not being visible to some passengers- there is something to satisfy everyone.  

Mood Lighting: Whether you are in a party mood, or just want a chilled, cool vibe inside the car when you travel, our luxury limo service in Toronto ensures that the car follows your every command. You can choose from a variety of color combinations, all across space. This can also compliment whatever you are watching on the media system, giving your source of entertainment a cozy, cohesive feeling. Be it peppy, blinking lights to accompany your party crowd, or a mellow romantic one to suit the butterflies in your stomach for prom, our lighting systems can do it all. 

Speaker System: No source of entertainment is complete without an accompanying speaker system that is unparalleled. The bass boosted surround speakers pack a punch powerful enough to blow you away. Paired with the feature-rich media console, the set seeks to provide unlimited fun for you and your companions to have a good time. Be it heart thumping and blood pumping music, or a movie played inside the console, or music to accompany your mood lighting, the sound system can handle everything you can throw at it.

Whenever you rent a stretch limo in Toronto, you are by default booking for yourself an unforgettable experience that envelops you in ultimate luxury and comfort. Fit for every opportunity, the stretch limos radiate class, style, and magnificence – both for the car and the passengers inside it.