Advantages of Hiring a Luxury Limo

Getting out of an airport and checking for a taxi near me is the first thing we do as travelers. We take our mobile phones and start checking for a taxi service phone number or the best taxi service around. Why do people not check for the airport limo instead of an airport taxi? Here are some good solid reasons why people opt for the simpler taxi services for their travels to and from the airport and to other destinations.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Taxi

Firstly, A taxi doesn’t cost much. It is a fairly economical mode of travel whether for a short distance or a long distance. This is because most cheap taxi Mississauga are economical local vehicles, mostly hatchbacks and sedans. These make them cost-effective. Secondly, there are no luxury or no amenities on board, but yes the basic facilities for a to-the-point travel experience, serving the purpose of travel. These vehicles have less or no amenities. Some individual taxi drivers sometimes offer wifi facilities and music onboard. Thirdly, a star taxi is driven by a local driver who is well equipped to make you reach your destination. Fourthly, the cab can be hailed from anywhere. There are tonnes of them available freely and can be requested off the road at anytime. Lastly, the number of people that can be accommodated into a taxi depends purely on the size of the cab and nothing else. The number of passengers and luggage needs to be considered when choosing a taxi.

A luxury limousine fleet on the other end is the exact opposite of a an airport taxi. It is a luxury car that comes with a luxury cost. It has additional amenities which might not be of use to a mindful traveler on strict budget and time frame. They need to be booked in advance which means that additional effort need to be put in to booking a limo.


Hence, for a traveler checking for taxi fare from Pearson airport to Mississauga or while choosing the best taxi service to Pearson airport must keep these points in mind:

The number of traveling passengers and the luggage load being carried along by each passenger

  • The cost aspect should definitely be considered. Yes, while taxis are a cheaper option limos sometimes can turn out to be cheaper options. As limousines can accommodate more people the cost per person of hiring a limo will reduce the average cost of travel per person. A limousine fleet will also be able to accommodate the luggage more easily especially for travel as compared to a taxi making the ride more comfortable for travel.

So, while choosing a an taxi or an limo think about how to save taxi fare going to airport. A local taxi like Mi-Taxi will definitely be the best and cheapest option for traveling within city and to and from the airport.