Most Famous Limousine Brands in Canada and Why Used In Limo Service?

First conceived and created in 1928, the limo has been a sign of class and unparalleled premium experience. Its original use was the transportation of dance groups or a large group of people that liked to travel together, in style. Apart from that, limos now run the luxury transportation economy, especially right here in Canada. For the limo taxi services in Toronto only use the best of the best models to service their clients, and to fulfill their every need.

Worth an estimated four billion dollars, the limo industry is built on the sales of vehicles that inspire power and awe, while at the same time reminds one of extravagance and wealth. Businessmen who like to make an amazing first impression choose nothing but the best limo airport taxi services. But, the limo is not only the favorite of hard workers- hard party people love them too. A limo when used on special occasions like parties, bachelorhood, prom to name a few add that extra oomph to an already very special day.

Among the impressive cars in a limousine fleet of the best airport taxi services in Toronto, many limousines have made their mark and have quickly become the first choice for many. Some of them are made from sedans, some from sports utility vehicles or even from certain types of large vans or trucks. 

There is no one parameter on which a limousine can be compared. As with beauty, the preference for the decor and features in an elegant limousine taxi is subjective and can vary from person to person.  But, some standard limousines have remained the industry benchmark from quite some time. They have become iconic and irreplaceable. Some of those beauties include: 

The Porsche Cayenne Limousine: Powered by an eight-cylinder engine, this gentle beast of a car is the perfect combination of looks and power. It’s elegant exterior and luxurious interiors can often leave people speechless. On the manufacturer level, it is essentially a stretched version of the Porsche Cayenne Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Some of its remarkable features include a powerful sound system, which makes it great for arriving at parties and other celebratory events.  

Ssang Yong Chairman W: Built and designed in Korea, this masterpiece of a car comes in six and eight-cylinder variants. The eight-cylinder variants are one of the largest engines manufactured in Korea. Available with extended head and leg rests, motor-operated seats and Scottish leather interiors, this car is as premium as it gets. 

Chrysler 300 Limousine: An extremely long version of Chrysler’s sedan of the same name, this absolute beast of a car contains a middle section almost as long as a sedan itself. Great for large groups who love to travel in the lap of comfort and luxury. 

Mercedes Benz S Class: A timeless classic, it reaffirms the fact that you can never go wrong with a Mercedes Benz. Its aggressive exteriors scream class and high status. Combine the hand-picked exquisite interiors with the classic Mercedes Benz driving experience, and you have got yourself an unforgettable experience. 

Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB: Rolls Royce, for a long time has been synonymous with luxury and a premium experience. This historical brand makes limousines bloke no other. Lamb’s wool carpeting, soft leather interiors, and hand-polished wood are some of the features of this exquisite vehicle. But the most important feature of all is the brand name, something that signifies without saying, that you have arrived.