11 May

Flying out of Buffalo vs. Flying out of Toronto Pearson Airport: Are you really saving 
much money?

Over the last few years, the trend of flying out of Buffalo International Airport instead of Toronto Pearson Airport has seen a vast incline; this is largely due to the huge savings factor that has attracted a lot of travelers – mostly ones flying as a family.

So what exactly is driving Canadian traffic across the border instead of leaving locally?

It is mainly taxes, carrier fees and aviation fuel costs that are all added to Canadian flight tickets that drive up the cost. Many travelers are opting to drive across the border in pursuit of a cheap date with an American airline; after all, research has shown that on average, a passenger travelling out of Pearson International Airport will pay approximately $35 in carrier surcharges, in comparison to just $8.55 when flying out from Buffalo International Airport. It comes as no surprise that taxes and carrier fees for Canadian airlines double that of the cost of American airlines. While this cost savings are not as high as it used to be a year ago due to the lower exchange rate of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar, It still worth checking & comparing the prices specially for large families or group travelers.

As a popular destination for many Canadians, Orlando, Florida attracts a lot of families:

It is reported that a family of four, travelling to Orlando, can save more than $500 just by heading across the border to fly out of Buffalo. And the best part is that the great savings opportunity does not necessary end there, especially when you choose Airlift Limo to get you and your family to and from Buffalo International Airport. We’re here to help you save on money, time, gas and mileage on your family car; not to mention, you will not have to worry about the cost of parking your car at the airport (which can sometimes even offset savings). With our huge fleet of cars that ranges from SUVs, Passenger Vans and limousines, we’ll get you to your destination comfortably, whether you are travelling with your family or as a group heading to Buffalo International Airport.

Have an upcoming business conference with your colleagues overseas? When you book for a group of 4 or more, you’ll have the opportunity for additional group savings on top of flight savings by travelling out of Buffalo International Airport. With our exceptional limousine service, we’re here to help you alleviate any traffic or parking stress by safely getting you and your group to your destination in comfort and style.

Having a vast range of Executive sedans and vans means that you’ll have the space you need to relax and unwind :

or if you’ve brought equipment for your business road shows, you won’t ever have to sacrifice space for style, because our first class vehicles have both.

If you are planning your summer vacation this year or overseas business meeting and found this great tickets’ deals south of the border, don’t hesitate to book your limousine & enjoy a stylish & comfy commute and not to worry about parking your vehicle in an unfamiliar parking lot, keeping tabs on gas expenses and dealing with highway and airport traffic, you’ll arrive at your destination stress-free and ready to board your business flight with peace of mind for your meeting. Upon your return, we’ll even be there to pick you up – all you will have to do is simply relax and enjoy the ride home.

Let us know your experience, was it worth it or not?


Airlift Limousine Marketing Team.